Paint Techniques

About Ton van Geelen

Since 2010 Ton has been working with two self-developed techniques: a freestyle technique and a saturated sand layer technique

Freestyle technique

In the Freestyle technique a previous technique is the underground: the palette knife technique. The surface relief, as well as the image are mostly done with gesso and paint. Between these phases various layers of paint will be added. After the image in the painting has been processed, more than 25 transparent layers of paint are applied... sprayed or painted ... with flowing, dripping, splashing ... mostly with water.

Sand layer technique 

In the saturated sand layer technique, the canvas is at first treated with sand. After a layer of gesso and black paint, the sand will be strawed on the canvas. With plenty of water and a little paint (in various colors) the sand layer will be saturated. The water evaporates out of the sand layer, the paint dries on between the pores. If the sand layer is saturated completely, the image will be painted with palette knife or brush on the layer. Sometimes coffee or glass will be added to the sand layer.