ART - Dance & Music

'In 1993 Ton was in Grindelwald (Switzerland) at the invitation of the owner of Hotel Alpenblick, to hold an exhibition of his own work.

On the Thursday it began to snow heavily. I woke up early the next day. It was beautiful outside. A thick pack of snow, everything white and a clear blue sky, not even a person on the street. I dressed quickly and went for a walk. After an hour up the hill, I turned around.I stood in a beautiful spot among the snow-covered trees and had a view of all the mountains, the valley and the village. The Wetterhorn, Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau ... even the Schreckhorn and the Finsteraarhorn were visible. In the distance I heard a radio boomed ... "What a cool happening it would be to put a DJ here and let’s party ..." 

But yes, threatening avalanche danger and freezing cold ... Impossible. ‘

Inspiration of Dance

At that particular moment in March 1993, Inspiration of Dance was born. After a lengthy fermentation process, an invitation from ID&T and the meeting with DJ Johan Gielen in 2000, I was able to make the right artistic translation and work out the idea. 'Inspiration of Dance’ is a collection of paintings that revolves all facets of the dance scene. And it is still going on.