Photography - Dutch DJ's

The game of colorful lights, smoke and dance, the atmosphere of the discos inspired Ton in his youth, when he was going out and danced on several dancefloors in the area. The atmosphere and music have fascinated him greatly.  He had ideas and feelings about it, but he couldn’t translate it on canvas…

One evening in 1999 he made photos of a performance of a friend DJ Bobby V. and from those pictures he painted in bright acrylic colors and playful shapes the atmosphere in a painting. The poses of the dj changed by natural in abstract forms. His response were the motivation to make more artistic creations of the professional dancescene.

Johan Gielen

A year later he met Johan Gielen at Mysteryland Bussloo. It was the beginning of a new artistic way of making artworks. Following Dutch DJ's, making pictures of them backstage and their perfomances, and later the translation on canvas. Everyone, included ID&T, were impressed by his work and a lot of invitations to make photos and artworks followed. Several years he was at events like Mysterland, Trance Energy, Impulz, Crazyland, Pleasure Island and more.
In 2003 he had a Dutch scoop with 'The DJ Johan Gielen Art Collection' and it was broadcasted by MTV-television.

DJ Con Nalez

And even now in 2018 he follows Dutch DJ's at smaller events. In particular a friend, a local DJ. He was there at the evening I met Johan Gielen at Mysteryland Bussloo.