Art meets music | 07-08-2019

On the 26th of August 2000 I met Johan Gielen backstage at Mysteryland Bussloo. From that moment he inspired me in an artistic way. As a thank for what he did for me those times, I made this special painting for him, and gave it to Johan on the 25th of July 2019.

Several years I followed him as a photographer, in clubs and dance-events. ( The Matrixx, Impulz, Dance Valley, Trance Energy, Mysteryland, and more). The pictures I made were my inspiration, my guide to translate his performances and trancemusic into paintings.
In 2003 those artworks were an artistic Dutch scoop. Later that year it was broadcasted by MTV-television. 

But there is more to come... and it starts at Mysteryland 2019.


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