DJ & Producer Johan Gielen from Tiel knighted | 05-01-2024

26th April 2023 DJ & Producer Johan Gielen came to the Skybar of Hotel van der Valk in Tiel because there was an exhibition there, in honor of his 30th anniversary, Art Meets Music - “30 Years Johan Gielen art collection” by Ton van Geelen , was opened. To his great surprise, Mayor Beenakker walked in to award him a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau.

Beenakker, who pinned a ribbon for the very last time as mayor of Tiel during the Ribbon Rain, had words of praise for the DJ: “You have also shown a different side to the global music industry than just performing and producing music. You have also inspired, trained and helped young talent to realize their dream as an artist, we can be proud of that.” Gielen himself was surprised: “It is special, I came here for the paintings and interviews, and then suddenly the mayor arrives with a Royal award. That is very special.”


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