About Ton van Geelen

'My first artistic experience was near the IJssel, under the tree at the Wilhelminabrug in Deventer'. It was on a spring-like day in 1980. Ton was 14 years old and had to make a drawing assignment of a landscape in a four-panel of two colors with paint. Later he did an exam in the "Drawing" at school, and developed himself further.

  • 1991    Ton's talent is discovered in Switzerland 
  • 1993    Exhibition of paintings and pen drawings in Grindelwald in Switzerland 
  • 1997    Artistic project 'Coloured Cultures' around the year against Rascism 
  • 1999    Ton published his first calendar ‘99 2000’
  • 2000    Ton’s second calendar ‘Dreams 2001’ has been published 
  • 2001    His painting 'Impressions of the seasons' is included in an edition of "The World Art Collection"
  • 2003    Exhibition of paintings and photo reports under the name "The dj Johan Gielen Art Collection" about the Dutch dancescene.
                It was a Dutch scoop and broadcasted by MTV-television
  • 2003    His painting 'Impressions of the Seasons' was exhibited at The National Art Gallery of Seoul (South Korea)
  • 2005    Artistic project around the village Twello
  • 2010   'My trip to Mysteryland' (5.00 x 1.50 metres), a painting of dj lifestyles. The painting would originally be used as decor piece
                during dance-event Mysteryland 2009. ID&T Events is now the owner of this painting.
  • 2010    An exhibition of 30 years drawing and painting in The Gallery States hat to Twello
  • 2010    Edition of illustrated artistic biography, entitled: TON VAN GEELEN ARTISTIC DIARY of a CREOLE, was presented by Gerda Havertong
                It is an illustrated reference work, portfolio and not for sale.
  • 2010    Artistic participation around the Mrs. Globe election
  • 2012    Exhibition at the Kamasutrabeurs (erotic lifestyle) Utrecht (NL) with sensual- & erotic artworks 
  • 2012    Artistic project about views and skylines of Deventer
  • 2012    Head organization first edition art route Twello
  • 2014    A painted dinerplate of Ton is one of the 70 works, that are exhibited in Saint Petersburg (Russia) is in Comestibles exhibition 
  • 2015    Painting lessons followed by artist John Ligtenberg in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
  • 2023    Exhibition 'Art meets music' with dj & producer Johan Gielen

    the many small exhibitions in libraries, restaurants and cateringestablishments, companies, healthcare institutions are not included.